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Guess the Furniture Review Game: 100 Questions and Answers

Looking for fun review game ideas? Try “Guess the Furniture” in your next English class! This simple game is great for helping students review furniture-related vocabulary in a lively and interactive way. Just display each question and let students guess the answers either individually or in teams. It’s a wonderful way to get everyone involved and make learning feel like play. Whether you use it to start your class, as a break in between lessons, or as a light-hearted quiz, it’s sure to bring smiles and learning together.
Game Rules…

Beds and Futons With Free Delivery

Buying new furniture is simplified when you can now choose beds and futons with free delivery. They can sometimes weigh hundreds of pounds. Doing it on your own would require so much planning, and even taking days off to be able to arrange the delivery. Now, you can work with a reputable furniture retailer for white-glove service right to your front door.
1. Save Time
You don’t have to spend hours looking for the perfect bed or futon online or in-store. Instead, you can browse through a wide …

Make the Perfect Faux Cherry Blossom Wreath for Spring

A couple of supplies from your local crafts store are all you need to make this durable spring wreath.
Each year, tons of pink cherry blossom trees bloom in Washington, D.C., and tourists from all around a visit to check out the spring flowers.
In this guide, we’re going to help you create this spring wreath with artificial florals and an affordable grapevine wreath form. For this design, we used two kinds of faux cherry blossom stems to …

The Ultimate First Apartment Checklist

The first apartment checklist is simply a list of things to organize and purchase before moving into your new home.
From hiring movers to buying furniture, moving is not cheap.
First Apartment Checklist Room by Room
If you don’t have any furniture yet, our list will help you to get started. We will guide you on things you will need for your first apartment, addressing it room by room.
If you already have some furniture that you want to take with you to your first apartment, then you should organize a removalist company early in the process.
Essential Items for Your Bedroom
You can also …

11 Cozy Home Decor Ideas

Cozy home decor ideas can be basic or sophisticated. It can be the installation of wallpaper, adjusting your room lighting, adding some cozy furniture in your living room, another layer of paint on your walls, placing a beautiful rug on your floor, and so many more.
This article will give you various options to go for when you’re thinking of redesigning the interior of your home.
Installing an Eye-catching Wallpaper
If you want to give your living room a warm, inviting, and aesthetic appearance, installing wallpapers is precisely what you should do. A wallpaper, when combined with other fantastic home decor …

7 Best Home Products Come Highly Recommended By Our Editors

Buy our best shoe storage, stemware, kitchen appliances, and more.
Whether it is a more organized kitchen, top-notch cleaning tools, or a more effective morning routine, our editors are constantly looking for the newest and best home products to make life much easier.
Did you know that having the right home appliances can make your life easier and minimize stress? Several household equipment, such as an odor-trapping trash can or a Bialetti Moka espresso maker, will have your kitchen smelling great and …

Three Ways to Show Your Home Some TLC with Your Tax Refund

Show your home some appreciation with these fix-ups and upgrades by investing your tax refund into your home.
This past year has transformed almost every American home into an undeniable multifunctional home, with living rooms being turned into day-care centers, kitchens into baking studios, and bedrooms to corporate offices.
From city apartments to smaller buildings in the suburbs, regardless of where you live, your house has most likely gotten some well-deserved appreciation since 2019. I’m sure you’ll agree that after this past year, your loyal shelter (your home) could use a ton of pampering.
If you’…

This Refurbished 1926 Tudor Beams with Neutral Colors and Warm Textures

An array of natural fibers and textures enhance this home’s neutral scheme.
Tudor homes, like their moody monarch namesakes, are not particularly popular for being lively and cheery. This is why when Danny and Stephanie Agne bought their 1926 home in Kansas City, Missouri, they already knew that they would keep its sturdy details (lead-glass windows, iron scrollwork) and get rid of its attractive qualities (closed-off spaces, and numerous dark stains).
Stephanie, the owner of Golden & Pine…

This Small Condo Exchanges Square Footage for a Sizeable Yard Space and Coast Proximity

A family in California left a more spacious home to give a small condo close to the coast a modern makeover.
The Moysa family (Geoff, Bri, Greyson, 12, Emerson, 9, and their dog Chopper) live in a two-bedroom 1,000-square-foot condo with one bathroom, and we can’t blame them. According to Bri, an interior stylist as well as content creator for Emerson Grey Designs, living in Southern California is super expensive, and the condo is what their budget can handle.

Cherry Colors and Restored Rescues Transform This 1920s New Jersey from Ordinary to Exceptional

Setting up an arrangement of bright colors in all the rooms transformed this home in New Jersey into a golden treasure. The most exciting part? Almost half of the furniture pieces are restored.
Virginia Toledo may have lived in Brooklyn for most of her life, but when the time came to decorate her home, she drew her inspiration from further away – South Carolina. She said that when she thinks of her home, she imagines sitting on a …