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Three Ways to Show Your Home Some TLC with Your Tax Refund

Three Ways to Show Your Home Some TLC with Your Tax Refund

Show your home some appreciation with these fix-ups and upgrades by investing your tax refund into your home.

This past year has transformed almost every American home into an undeniable multifunctional home, with living rooms being turned into day-care centers, kitchens into baking studios, and bedrooms to corporate offices.

From city apartments to smaller buildings in the suburbs, regardless of where you live, your house has most likely gotten some well-deserved appreciation since 2019. I’m sure you’ll agree that after this past year, your loyal shelter (your home) could use a ton of pampering.

If you’re looking for the best way to show your home some loving and appreciation, there is no better way than investing your tax refund in some upgrades and fixes.

We picked the brains of Delia Kenza, an interior designer based in Brooklyn, and Denver Scout Interiors’ Lauren O’Neil, for ideas on crafting the best self-care panel with home decorating projects for all styles and budgets.

DIY Projects That Cost Less Than $500

According to O’Neil, loud and bright colors are making a significant comeback.

Are you interested in trying out this trend? If so, you might want to add wallpapers in your powder room or on an accent wall to give your home a new look. She says that there are lots of gorgeous peel-and-stick choices that make DIY redecorating easier and cheaper.

For small spaces with small amounts of natural sunlight, you can use leafy designs or an explosion of bright colors to brighten things up. Brands such as Mitchell Black offer wide ranges of permanent as well as removable options.

If you want a more contemporary spin on toile, try using Sheila Bridges’ epic Harlem Toile wallpaper pattern. You can check out our tips for applying temporary wallpaper to ease the process for you.

Home Decorating Ideas that Cost Less Than $1000

According to O’Neil and Kenza, the perfect way to show your home some TLC within this price range is to get a professional paint job. You can decide to paint it yourself, but letting a learned professional take the wheels makes the difference, Kenza says.

Getting the help of professionals goes a really long way, particularly if your walls have been sorely tainted by crayons, hammered holes, sticky tabs, and the likes. Depending on the space, you can choose to shower a particular room with lots of attention or give a couple of touch-ups to the whole house.

Regardless of what you decide, Kenza advises using eco-friendly paint in order to reduce health risks. With the amount of time we now spend indoors, non-toxic paint is a definite win.

Home Renovations Less Than $5000

For a budget of less than $5k, Kenza recommends a sofa investment. For this price, you can buy a customizable sofa and choose the fabric color, fill type, and even seat depth, she says.

The ideal pull-out sofa can make all the difference between a simply functional living-room hub and one that feels like the best seat in the house. Buy children-, pets-, and beverage-friendly fabrics that are easier to wash and less stressful to maintain.

Now, the question is, “what if you don’t need a new sofa?”. Well, you can also get swivel chairs or a new rug. Another alternative can be to revamp your dining room, upgrade your lighting fixtures, or install a statement chandelier, O’Neil says.

Altogether, these home upgrades can enhance your mood and even increase your home’s value. After all, who has been there for you all through the pandemic, late nights, overtime, and even weekend shifts? It’s no one but your home! So why not shower it with some needed appreciation?

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