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Make the Perfect Faux Cherry Blossom Wreath for Spring

Make the Perfect Faux Cherry Blossom Wreath for Spring

A couple of supplies from your local crafts store are all you need to make this durable spring wreath.

Each year, tons of pink cherry blossom trees bloom in Washington, D.C., and tourists from all around a visit to check out the spring flowers.

In this guide, we’re going to help you create this spring wreath with artificial florals and an affordable grapevine wreath form. For this design, we used two kinds of faux cherry blossom stems to make a durable decoration that you can put out every year. You can also personalize your completed wreath using a stylish ribbon and use it as a door placement.

DIY Cherry Blossom Wreath

To make a lasting cherry blossom wreath, you’ll need:

  • Artificial cherry blossom stems
  • Ribbons
  • Florists wire
  • Scissors
  • Wire clippers
  • Grapevine wreath

Follow these basic steps to create your own beautiful faux flower wreath. It should take you less than an hour to complete.

Prepare The Bundles

It will take about eight cherry blossoms to fill an 18-inch wreath form. We used about four large-flowered stems ($12) and four small-flowered stems ($9).

Put the stems together, leaving about 5 inches of length out, and then cut out the rest. Bundle 4-6 trimmed stems together and tie them with a florist wire ($6, Walmart). We needed eight bunches to fill the wreath. We advise that you place them on the wreath first, then start securing them, then begin attaching them to their form to make sure you have sufficient.

Assemble The Wreath

Slip the bundles into the grapevine wreath form and tie them with a florist wire. Repeat the assembling and tucking process until you’ve completely covered the wreath. Insert additional cherry blossoms to cover any spaces. Tie some florist wire around any loose stem too tightly secure.

Finish then Hang

Once you have covered the entire wreath form, lift it gently and slant it vertically to ensure that the wired bunches don’t move out of place. Secure any loose spots with florist wire. Cut your ribbon of choice to make the hanging loop (we used a 24-inch piece of ribbon to fit our door).

String the ribbon through the middle of the wreath form and make a knot at the top. Trim the edges of the ribbon to be angled. You can use a hook to hang your complete wreath.

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