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How to Put Lights on a Christmas Tree: 4 Easy Ways

How to Put Lights on a Christmas Tree: 4 Easy Ways

Lighting your tree is essential because a beautifully decorated tree is the season’s hallmark that puts smiles on people’s faces during the holiday.  There are different ways to put lights on a Christmas tree, from wrapping the branches to hanging lights in a triangular section.

4 Ways to Put Lights on a Christmas Tree

#1. – Hang tree lights horizontally

Putting your light horizontally on your tree is one of the easiest and quickest ways. You can form a wave or an “S” shape to make it look more natural.

You just have to put the lights deeper into the base of the branches of the tree and wrap them to the top of the tree. Advisably, increase the depth of your lighting for a fine finish. Bury the light plugs out of sight (inside the tree or under the thick branches).

#2. – Hang tree lights vertically

Hanging a tree light vertically allows you to easily decorate your pre-lit tree from the top to the base. The best part is that you can quickly remove your string lights without hassles.

The end of the light cable (that has no plug), is the best part to use when hanging your light vertically. From the tree top, cascade the lights down to the base and wrap them around the tree in a wave or S shape. If you’re left with more light cables, wrap them back up in your preferred pattern till your tree is fully decorated.

Advisably, leave some spaces (maybe 3 to 4 inches) between the patterns you make with the light cables. Add extra lights if necessary to make the tree brighter, but do not let them cluster the tree.

#3. – Wrap the branches

This method requires lots of time and strength to achieve, but the result is stunning and eye-catching. You can start from the bottom branches and wrap your way to the top branches, in and out.

Your tree will have enough light with cords behind the tree, making it brighter and more beautiful. Although it can take the whole day and more spring light cables, you’ll love the outcome.

#4. – Create triangles with the lights

This method entails forming the lights into different triangles all over the Christmas tree. Unlike vertical and horizontal light hanging, this method is quite time-consuming but gives 100% satisfaction once completed.

Before you proceed, you must calculate how many Christmas lights you will need. You can use this Christmas light calculator or use the general rule of thumb: one strand per vertical foot of the tree. Afterward, start sectioning your tree into two or more triangles, depending on the tree’s size. Then, create a triangular sketch with your lights and run them on the triangles you’d shaped.

You can weave the lights around the triangles from the top to the base of the tree. Meanwhile, don’t overlap the strings. Add more triangles if your tree isn’t yet full.

How to Put Tree Lights on Artificial Christmas Trees

Most artificial Christmas trees have open sections. With miniature lights, you can easily decorate your Christmas tree. One amazing thing about artificial trees is that you don’t need to remove the lights after the Christmas season.

Just section the lights on the tree separately or wrap strands around with whichever method you choose. You can use 100-light stands to fill the entire tree with lights.

The Best Types of Christmas Lights to Use on Christmas Trees

Everybody decorates their homes differently during the holiday season. However, Christmas lights come in various colors and shapes, and it is vital to consider Christmas light safety.

When buying lighting products for indoor and outdoor trees, consider the lighting style first. Christmas LED lights are good because they are safe, effective, and last longer. However, they don’t have the traditional and incandescent look that some people like.

The color qualities of these lights are conventional glowing bulbs, which are perfect for your Christmas indoor tree. They are robust and can last at least ten years.


What’s the best way to hang lights on a tree?

In my experience, wrapping lights around the branches inside out is the best way to put Christmas lights on your tree. If you wrap the branches from the bottom to the top of the tree as you go around it, you can create a cozy holiday atmosphere.

What is the easiest way to put lights on a tree?

Hanging lights horizontally from the bottom to the top is quite common because it is the easiest way to light either indoor or outdoor Christmas trees.

Do you start at the top to the bottom when putting up Christmas tree lights?

You can start from the top to hang Christmas lights vertically on your tree. However, lighting your tree from the bottom to the top is much easier and less time-consuming.

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