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5 Stair Railings Ideas to Enhance Your Home’s Style

5 Stair Railings Ideas to Enhance Your Home’s Style

Stair railings are multifunctional. Asides from safety, they also come with an aesthetic appeal. That said, here are some stair railing ideas that might inspire you!

1. Wood Stair Railing

Stunning woodwork, particularly around stairs, can increase the value of your home. Maintain the quality of antique stair railings by not painting them and letting the wood stain highlight the carved details.

Here, the stair railing, trim, wood newel posts, and balusters feature a stain color that shows the house’s Craftsman roots. The Bright floral wallpaper complements the wood’s dark color nicely.

2. Stair Railing Paint Ideas

You can give your regular stair railing a new paint or stain job to give it a fresh look. Here, the railing and newel posts are painted black to give it a more contemporary, contrasting effect. The white risers, stringer, and balusters harmonize with the trim color while the stair treads match the dark tone of the hardwood flooring.

A bright-colored staircase runner also safeguards the wood and adds some pop.

3. Simple Stair Railing Design

For homes adorned with detailed trim work and wall treatments, the staircase railing does not need to be dramatic. This simple, white railing blends in with the background, highlighting the picture-frame molding and scalloped trim. The rail design is narrow, allowing the gallery wall to be easily visible.

4. Curving Stair Railing

Merging with the shape of the gently curving staircase, this stair railing mixes a high-polish handrail and black iron balusters with decorative details. The stair risers and trim are coated with dark-gray paints for a sharp, modern look. The stylish railing design and adorned stringer give this staircase an elegant finish.

5. Painted Staircase Railing

In this case, all you need is some high-gloss black paint to transform your railing, stair treads, and newel posts, and some white paint for the risers and balusters. You can easily replicate this look with a paint job.

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