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Restored Furniture Ideas – 5 Basic DIY Restoration and Repurposing Projects

Restored Furniture Ideas – 5 Basic DIY Restoration and Repurposing Projects

Transform household accessories and used furniture pieces to make stunning custom-made products.

The world of interior design is undergoing a revolution! It is a movement of restored furniture to minimize wastage and prolong the future. The process of restoring old furniture – upcycling – goes by many names, such as revamping, reimaging, repurposing, salvaging, reclaiming, etc.

What exactly is upcycling?

Mike McMurdo, the king of upcycling, explains what it means in his new book titled Upcycling. He says that the keyword is Up, which is different from recycling, where the materials are returned to their original properties. Upcycling increases the product value through intelligent designs by making it more attractive financially, physically, and emotionally.

Ideas for Furniture Upcycling

All you need is some imagination and a couple of tools to reclaim old into new, allowing you to save money and waste. From repurposing sideboards into classy fashion pieces to transforming an old table into a bathroom vanity, there is an easy-to-follow DIY project for everyone.

1. From a plain white sideboard to a charming cane creation

It is almost impossible to believe that this used to be an ordinary white sideboard. A team at Furniture and Choice is responsible for this spectacular transformation. They made this happen with a splash of paint, attaching a cane webbing behind the doors, and switching out the handles.

It is now doubly stylish for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new similar design.

2. Using a stencil to deliver a new look to old furniture

A quality furniture piece is not a cheap buy, so whenever possible, try to upcycle instead of replacing it. If you own an old drawer chest or cupboard that is fully functional but seems to be lacking in taste, think about giving it a minor or major makeover. What better way to leave your signature than to use a stencil?

3. Making a table from reclaimed scaffolding

Max McMurdo shared his incredible Scaffold-board kitchen table idea. The table is built from scratch using scaffolding materials; the tabletop is the boards, the legs are scaffold poles attached using scaffold mounts.

The legs are removable with a hex wrench, giving it flexibility and making storage more convenient.

4. Create a side table with crates

Stack wooden crates on each other to make a side table. The openness of the design makes it perfect for storing everything you need, from books to sleeping equipment. You can choose to leave the wood as is or sand them down and throw on a splash of color to fit your bedroom color palette.

For easy movement and to minimize imprints on the carpet, you can install castors under the side table.

5. Refurbish old chair using some paint and pattern

Are you looking to fancy up your old chairs? What better way to do it than using a splash of color and pattern? With specialist furniture paint, you can customize the wooden frame and give your chairs a makeover with new upholstery – an easy DIY project with a staple gun.

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