Kitchens are the heart of the home and are used for a lot of different activities. Is it possible to keep it organized and functional for all the things we do in the kitchen?



1.  How about a raised eating bar for quick meals or just visitng while the cook is working?



2.  Storing the cookbooks near a window seat is ideal for menu planning.


3.  I love my warming drawer.  It’s great for keeping food warm until various family members get  home, keeping bread warm to serve when the rest of the meal is ready, for keeping side dishes warm while you are serving up the main portions, for appetizers and great to keep your meat warm while you are making the sauce.  It doesn’t continue cooking or make your bread rubbery like a microwave oven does.



4.  Here is a wonderful way to keep your dish towels handy while and give them a hide-a-way place to dry.  The towel rod telescopes out when you use it. You can add a door so they are out of site too.



5.  Deep drawers with pegs to compartmentalize your dishes and pull out spice drawers and pantries are great space savers.



6.  Here is another convenient way to store spices – on angles shelves so you can see the labels.  I alphabetize mine – is that over the top?



7.  Pot racks are great space savers and keep them in easy reach.  Pans can be hung on the wall too if you have the space.



8.  Rail systems on the back splash are also very efficient so everything you use often is right in front of you ready to go.



9 & 10.  Knife slots or magnetic bars keep your knives handy and ready but be sure they are out of the reach of children. 


11. Being able to scrape your food scraps directly into a garbage can is very handy, especially if you don’t have a garbage disposal.



12.  How about putting your grocery list or menu or family messages on the refrigerator.  This chalk board can serve many purposes.



13.  You are familiar with corner lazy susans but how about these corner drawers?  Would that work better for your purposes?



14.  These nifty trays are built into the cabinets and slide out when needed.



15.  Here is a compact coffee station including a dishwasher below so you can keep all your supplies together in one neat place.



16.  Are your drawers too deep?  This one has two drawers behind one drawer front.  The top one slides out separately and this whole set up is beneath a cook top!



17.  Don’t forget the family pets – you can build in a feeding station at the end of the island and never kick over the food dishes again!



18.  How about making a bed for the pets so they can be nearby while the family is in the kitchen?