If you are planning to remodel your kitchen you will find these back splashes a cut above the ordinary and may give you some inspiration!  If  you still need help – that’s what I do and would be delighted to help you.

backsplash-resized-6001. This back splash is an exaggerated application of the popular subway tiles and has the rhythm of small accent tiles for added interest.

Copy of backsplash_design-resized-6002.  This modern kitchen sports a playful mixture of random glass and colored tiles for a very contemporary vibe. Notice also that the counters are of three different colors and materials.

backsplash_&_border-resized-6003.  If you  like a more ornate back splash this one is beautiful with the border continuing around to create a short back splash after it leaves the range.

glass_mosaics_large-resized-6004.  Glass mosaics are so in these days and they come in so many different colors and shapes that it’s hard to choose.  The soft blue tile works great with the soapstone counters and adds some sophistication to the typical subway tiles used in this type kitchen.  I would have stopped the tile at the end of the counter though and not kept it going with no cabinet below it!

clear_glass_tiles-resized-6005.  These clear glass brick tiles are gorgeous in this very sleek kitchen where they used a piece of stainless behind the cook top for easy clean up but used the straight row bricks for a very quiet and orderly kitchen effect.

large_scale_glass_tiles-resized-6006.  These very large sized bricks of frosted glass also work for contemporary kitchens and add a little icy feeling.

medallion_feature_at_stove-resized-6007.  Inserting a medallion behind the stove or sink gives a focal point to the room.  Here it breaks up the subway tiles and introduces the gray from the granite and the stainless into the back splash to unify the palette.

fireclay_large_tile-resized-6008.  Fireclay’s elongated brick tiles come in sizes 5 3/4″ x 35 1/4″ and 11 11/16″ x 35 1/4″ and are only 1/4″ thick with a little flexibility.  Check them out at www.fireclaytile.com

vertical_subway-resized-6009.  In this kitchen they did the unexpected and installed the tiles vertically instead of horizontally. An application like this helps make the room look taller than it really is.

terra_cotta_backsplash-resized-60010.  For a more rustic and country look, these handmade terra cotta tiles were use as the backsplash.  It sort of looks like chicken wire.

red_glass_backsplash-resized-60011. If you are brave and bold you can try these large sheets of colored glass as a backsplash.  Imagine how much this room’s personality changed by using this bright orange glass in the all white kitchen.

OK – you should be thinking outside the box by now so have some fun with your backsplash.  There are so many creative ways you can use tile and so many unique ones to choose from!