Welcome to the New Year.  It is a time for reflection and resolutions to make the New Year even better than the last one.

2012-12-25_1709-resized-6001.  Resolution one – Take care of yourself and treat yourself well so you will be able to help others

2012-12-23_1104-resized-6002.  Resolution two – Take risks and don’t be afraid to look stupid – just go for it!

2012-12-23_1105_001-resized-6003.  Resolution three – Remember you have special talents and need to share them with the World!

balance-resized-6004.  Resolution four – Keep your life in balance – all work or all play make you a dull person.

buy_good_stuff-resized-6005.  Resolution five – Only buy quality things – they will serve you well and provide value in the long run.

change-resized-6006. Resolution six –  If you want things to be different you must make some changes.

customer service-resized-6007.  Resolution seven – Treat your customers with the kind of service and consideration you would like.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Copy of if_plan_A_fails.there are-8. Resolution eight – Don’t give up – just try again.  Now you have eliminated one thing that doesn’t work so there  is one less thing to try till you succeed.