If you are afraid to decorate or design with color, red might seems like too bold or risky a color, but it comes in many shades and you can use as little or as much as you are comfortable with. My Interior Design office is painted a rich dark red with maple furniture and white trim and it is very comfortable and inviting.  It makes me happy!


1.  It is not necessary to use a lot of a strong color in a room for the interior design to be effective. The red table here injects a much needed spark of life to a very quiet neutral gray room. The playful, sculptural lines are great too.



2.  Red is obviously a favorite color of this homeowner.  By using red for the architectural hood element and accenting with the red chairs they were able to achieve harmony without the red being overbearing.



3.  Red is not only for decorating at Christmas!  These three red flower candle holders inject a bit of excitement to the dinner table any time of the year.


4.  Bathrooms need not be left out – try using a splash of red at the tub, tile or cabinets.

painted_inside_cab by Sharon Portnoy Designs-resized-600

5.  Is your kitchen functional but not very exciting?  Try introducing red into the back of the bookshelf for just a little punch.  It will make a lot fo difference.  I have had red walls in my kitchen before and loved it!


6.  Both the tile and walls are red in this bathroom, which is quite dramatic with the black counters and white tile.

Copy of red_wall_2-resized-600

7.  If you are a little braver, a red accent wall makes a big statement and creates a focal point.



8.  If you are not shy at all, paint the whole room red like in this dining room.  Red is an appetite stimulant so it is perfect for a dining room!

Now you should have some ideas about how an Interior Designer would introduce red into your home – what’s holding you back?