Mirrors are truly magic and can really enhance your home when done correctly.  They are relatively inexpensive and create a lot of bang for the buck.

interiorcanvas.com_-_contemp-resized-6001.  The paneling in this room was inset with mirrors for a very architectural element and they help reflect light around the room.  The wall was actually divided into equal sections and the identical mirrors were centered and trimmed with molding. It would be a nice week-end project and would make a huge difference in any room.  Via

cococozy.com_-_3_large-resized-6002. Here is another way to install a series of mirrors on a wall.  I like that they are overscaled with oversized frames too. Via

interiorcanvas,cim_-_lg_framed-resized-6003.  This beautiful dining room sports a large curved top mirror with elaborate molding to complete the wall between two windows.  It almost makes the wall disappear and reflects a matching window and mirror wall on the opposite wall.   Via

2013-01-31_1018-resized-6004.  This large wall of mirrors makes the fireplace seem like it’s floating in the room.  Such a big expanse of mirror also makes the room look much larger than it really is.

house_beautiful-resized-6005.  Of course if you have a lot of mirrors you can arrange a grouping of beautifully framed mirrors to create a collage in a hall, a staircase or on a focal wall.   Via

When deciding how to use mirrors, remember to see what the reflection will be (you don’t want to reflect an ugly exterior view or a toilet, for instance).