Every profession has it’s own special language and Interior Design, Architecture and Construction are no different.

Each week I will be giving you definitons for words beginning with different letters of the alphabet and will continue until we are done with all the letters.

Here are some definitions beginning with the letter “M”.



Marquetry is an inlay of a decorative pattern in contrasting colors into wood.  It is a delicate and intricate artistic expression and is very time consuming, therefore costly.  Museums are full of exquisite examples of marquetry.



Matlasse fabric is most often found in bedding and pillows.  It is of one solid color with a quilt like design in an all over pattern. The designs can be geometric or organic in style.

Memo Sample:


A memo sample is a critical item for an Interior Designer.  We order them when we are ordering fabric or wallpaper to show our clients and to keep for reference in matching with other items in the rooms.  They differ from a CFA (cutting for approval) which is what we order once the selection has been made and item is ready to be ordered.  We use them to verify color from the actual bolt being used to complete the order.

Modesty Panel:


A modesty panel is standard on most desks and it’s purpose is to hide the legs of the person sitting there.  In this picture you can see it is made of metal for a decorative element but in most instances it is of the same material as the desk itself.



Mohair is the yarn that is spun from long haired Angora goats. It is long and silky as well as durable and is used in fabrics and clothing.  Mohair upholstery fabric has become very popular lately because it is so strong and will last a lifetime.  It can also be dyed in many beautiful colors.



You are probably familiar with taffeta fabric which has a wavy design called moire. Moire is also used as a term to describe a decorative element which has that tone on tone undulating quality as shown in these pictures.

Motion Sensors:


Motion sensors are required by the electrical codes in many areas of the home and in commercial buildings.  There are many different ones available but they essentially shut off when they do not detect motion in a room to save energy.  Some turn on and off automatically when they sense motion and other turn on manually and turn off automatically at a preset time interval after they do not sense movement anymore.



Mullions are the dividers of window panes.  They are used in the doors which are commonly referred to as “French Doors”, although French doors do not necessarily have mullions.  Many window companies today make removable mullions so that the windows can be more easily cleaned. When they are fixed they create the frame work for each individual glass pane.

Next week I will give you definitions for words beginning with the letter “N”.