It is definitely Winter now and I’ve been inspired lately by some really gorgeous snowy winter pictures. It’s cold out but somehow snow is so beautiful.


1.  Old man winter has arrived!  What an amazing photo of this tree.  Via Most Beautiful Pages on Facebook


 2.  Speaking of amazing, isn’t this photo of the moon behind the mountains incredible?  The photographer was blessed with sunshine at the exact perfect moment.  Via Love Christmas on Facebook


 3.  I love this little hint of sunshine peaking through these heavily snow laden trees.  It really warms up a cold scene.


 4.  And these ice crystal formations are amazing.  What a great close up shot.


5.  Even on a cold snowy day this gate is inviting.  The elaborate scroll work is very impressive. Via Splenderosa on Facebook

pinterest_vermont-resized-6006.  Here is a beautiful winter drive in Vermont with a lovely sunset in the background.  ViaPinterest

flickr-resized-6007. If you are bundled up warmly taking a walk across this bridge would be fun.  It’s so invigorating to take a hike in the snow. Via Pinterest

camillestyles-resized-6008.  And after that walk ………  relaxing by a roaring fire with a toasty cup of hot chocolate hits the spot!  via

I hope you are all enjoying winter and staying away from the flu and colds that come this time of year.