If you are thinking of remodeling, you will need to select a remodeling contractor.  Here are some tips on what to look for:


1.  Be sure they are remodeling contractors, not just builders.  There are lots of things that come up when remodeling that are not on the plans and must be dealt with.


2.  Get references and ask if they finished on time and on budget.  Also ask about the job site cleanliness and reliability and quality of work by the subcontractors.

money3-resized-6003.  Make sure thery carry adequate liability insurance.  Your home is a valuable asset and you want the remodel to improve it’s value not devalue it.

4.  Check their license with the Contractor’s licensing Board to see if there have been any complaints and that their license is current.

meetings-resized-6005.  Do you feel comfortable talking with them openly and do you feel like they are listening to you and your concerns?  Your ability to communicate with them is one of the most critical aspects of hiring a remodeling contractor.  It’s important that you be kept abreast of how things are progressing.

6.  Request a written quote and schedule.  Things are subject to change but you must have a starting point.

budgets-resized-6007.  Be honest about your budget – they can only work within the budget if they are aware of what it is and if there is any flexibility.  There are way too many choices out there for materials that can vary the price of the project significantly so work together to meet your goals.

port_a_potty-resized-6008.  Remember they will be in your home and your life for quite a while and you need to feel comfortable having them there. Will they provide a port-a-potty or be using your bathrooms? Do you feel comfortable that they and their subs will not steal or damage your property?

9.  Find out if they will be buying all the finish materials or you will be supplying them.  If you are to supply them, find out when the items will be needed so you don’t hold up the project.

I hope you enjoy the process and are thrilled with the outcome – remodeling is a complex process and if you are patient and a little flexible it will all be worth it!