Halloween is only a few days away and the kids are getting restless.  I’ve gathered a few fun Halloween decorating ideas to help you celebrate in style.


halloween_-_front_doorway_decor-resized-6001.  Here is a beautiful way to greet the Trick – or – Treaters.  The wonderful thing about this is that you can leave it all out way past Thanksgiving and it will still be perfect!

halloween_-_door_decor-resized-6002.  What a fun way to decorate your front door for Halloween.  These are for sale or you can make your own with whatever you might have around.  I especially love the red shoes! This one is no longer available at esty.com but they have similar ones.

halloween_-_squidoo.com_-_how-to-create-jack-o-lantern-halloween-fog-resized-6003.  How cool is this – a pumpkin spewing fog.  You can find how to make them atsquidoo.com/how-to-create-jack-o-lantern-halloween-fog

halloween_treat_pumpkin-resized-6004.  Once those goblins have made it to your door you could serve them goodies from inside a pumpkin like this.  Easy and definitely creative.

Halloween_entertainment-resized-6005.  Here is another idea of what to serve from a pumpkin.  What a great way to serve drinks for your Halloween party.

halloween_ceramic_pumpkins-resized-6006.  Ceramic pumpkin soup bowls dress up this table beautifully for either Halloween or Thanksgiving or anything in between.

halloween1-resized-6007.  For the kids make these adorable cupcakes – they’ll love them.

 halloween_witch_crash_cake-resized-6008. …….Or you could make a crashed witch cake for the whole family.  Directions here

halloween_-_corn_on_the_cob-resized-6009. This one is so easy.  It is a banana covered in candy corn!  The kids will definitely love it.

Pictures via Pinterest.

Have fun on this fun “dress up and pretend” holiday and stay safe.