Five Ways To Personalize Your Home

After a new home purchase, it can feel tricky to make the brand new space feel as homey as your last place. While the entire home is a blank canvas ready to be filled with personality, it can be an overwhelming task to undertake.


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Personalizing a home is all in the details; it is the little things that can dramatically transform the home from cold and impersonal to warm and charming.

1. Textures And Patterns

One way to completely transform the character of a new house is in mixing and matching different patterns and textures. Whether it is mixing a striped throw pillow with patterned curtains or mixing sleek metal spiral staircases with warm wooden furniture, the different concepts put together turn out unique to the homeowner as an individual. So the home can begin to take shape.

2. Walls

Often times white walls feel too formal or office-like. Adding a new coat of paint that reflects personal taste will bring life to an otherwise plain space. Just as when mixing textures and patterns, do not be afraid to mix paint colors by making one wall an accent wall while the rest of the walls match.

 As soon as possible, place pictures and decor items on the walls. Even if the pictures end up being moved later, having homey pictures and fun, whimsical items on the walls makes the house feel like a home instead of a temporary place to stay.

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 3. Paint

Paint is not only useful for walls; it is an incredible practical way to spruce up a kitchen, a floor, or old furniture.

 Although not traditional, painting kitchen cabinets in a fun jeweled tone or incorporating shabby chic old furniture pieces by sanding them down and painting them can both be fantastic ways to incorporate a vintage trend while nesting in a new space. Paint is an inexpensive and a quick means to add extra charm into any area.

 4. Thrift Shop

Thrift shopping or flea market picking can do more than find an incredible deal. Many of these stores harbor amazing treasures that need just a little elbow grease to restore them to their former glory.

 From unique tables and chairs to quirky decor items, there are plenty of big-ticket items for inexpensive prices hidden underneath the junk. With a little bit of patience and digging, a homeowner can easily find one-of-a-kind items that will bring an allure into their home.

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 5. Make A Scene

Do not be afraid to kick the decor up a notch by being untraditional about it. Balance the decor by placing personal family photos next to some cast-iron candlesticks. Or place a signed baseball next to antique books. Mix homemade with store bought, inexpensive with pricey.

 Unique decor is all about visual interest. While traditional decor is classic, adding small surprises in the decorated areas truly pulls out individual character which is ultimately what defines a house as homey.

 When decorating a home, have fun with the style and don’t be afraid to veer off from the normal in order to create a space that truly reflects your own personality.

 Jessica Socheski is a writer and design enthusiast. Currently, she is infatuated with open concept ideas, and you can find her on Google+.