Interior Designers have to think about more than just color selections and placement of furniture.  We also need to take into consideration the architectural details of the home, including door styles.

door_Tom_Stringer_Designs-resized-6001.  This beautiful entry door by Tom Stringer Design sets the mood for a very elegant interior.  Custom iron grills can be fabricated in traditional styles or very modern designs.


2.  Here is another wrought iron door but in a much more geometric and Neo Classic design.  It’s still elegant but a completely different style.  Since these doors are visible from both indoors and outdoors they have a lot of impact on both spaces.

black_door-resized-6003. A traditional painted black door like this provides privacy but still allows natural light into the space.  This door with a letter slot, house number and door knocker is working hard.

door_with_glass_inset-resized-6004.  If modern or contemporary is your style the clean lines of this door will suit you perfectly.  Notice that the trim is consistent by being very simple also.

dutch_door_arched-resized-6005.  Maybe this arched dutch door suits your style best.  If you have a yen for European cottage style this is perfect.

Craftsman syle entry doorCraftsman_door-resized-6006.  This Craftsman or Mission style door goes perfectly with shingle siding and you would expect the interior to carry the theme through with simple straight lined funiture on the inside.

entry_door_contemporary-resized-6007. These double doors with straight clean lines alert you that the homeowners like simple uncluttered spaces.  I would expect the inside to be very tailored and simple.

metal_and_glass-resized-6008.  Modern is the word for this steel and glass block Mondrian style door that pivots instead of operating on hinges.  We should find some cutting edge design inside this home.

rustic_door-resized-6009.  Or maybe a rustic painted door expresses your personality.  All the rough stone goes well with this door and the color pops leaving no doubt where the entrance is.

steel_doors-resized-60010.  Steel and glass doors on an old brick building can indicate either a very modern interior or one filled with interesting antiques and ornamentations.  These doors are not good insulators so you might need additional entrance doors (note the arched entryways inside) and use these for entrance to the porch entrance or greenhouse entry

As you can see the entry door you select will definitely influence how you decorate the interior of your home so select this part of your design with great care.  It is the first impression your home makes and it’s a lasting one.