Have you ever wanted to re-purpose an item in your interior design project?  Ladders make a perfect item for that and can be used in many creative ways.


1.  Two A frame ladders inverted with shelves make a very functional shelving system.  If using in a children’s room you should screw the shelves down to the ladders so they don’t move.

prosatrecosecacarecos.blogspot6-13-magazines-resized-6002. Creating a minimal magazine rack in the bathroom or anywhere else is easy with a leaning ladder.  You can even leave the magazine or book open to where you left off.

prosatrecosecacarecos.blogspot6-13-shoess-resized-6003. A leaning ladder also could make a nice shoe rack.  I’m not sure how they kept the shoes from falling off the back – I’m guessing by extending the rungs deep enough to hold the shoes fully.

prosatrecosecacarecos.blogspot6-13-plants-resized-6004. A single A frame ladder makes a great plant stand and when painted bright colors like this it’s quite cheerful

prosatrecosecacarecos.blogspot6-13-towels-resized-6005. Love a hand hewn ladder used as to hold towels.  It takes minimal space but offers high function and a nice decorative touch.

prosatrecosecacarecos.blogspot6-13-shelves-resized-6006. This clever ladder with it’s extended shelves is great for extra storage or even for a bar.  You can anchor the shelves to the wall through the back of each shelf so there is no chance of an accident!

prosatrecosecacarecos.blogspot6-13-more_books-resized-6007.  How about using several ladders interspersed in a creative way for an artsy-fartsybookshelf?  This piece would be quite the conversation piece, for sure!

Wooden ladders usually work the best unless you are looking for a more industrial vibe and then aluminum ones might look great.

All images courtesy of prosatrecosecarecos.blogspot.com