Whether you have several kids sharing a room or a vacation home with a need for lots of beds for visitors – bunk beds can be a great solution!

4_bunks-resized-6001.  If you have a long enough wall to line up two sets of bunk beds you can accommodate four people in a small space.  The shared ladder with bridge cuts down on needed floor space.

4_bunks_4-resized-6002.  Here is another wall with sleeping for four but it is composed of four separate built in bunks with the added bonus of a window for each bunk!  I also love the idea of curtains for privacy – just like the old sleeper cars on trains.

4_bunks_5-resized-6003.  Here is another version of four built in beds but this time they are built around a corner and they each have built in reading niches at the head.  The access ladders must be out of the picture at the foot of the beds.

4_bunks_2-resized-6004.  These corner built in bunk beds are tightened up a bit with a shared ladder attached to the bed frames and individual lights for each bed.

4_bunks_1-resized-6005.  These four built in bunks have a nautical theme with their net sides and porthole mirrors.  They each have built in bookshelves so there must be lighting in there too.  Those extra wide drawers below hold a lot but could be quite heavy when pulled out – maybe they are on rollers.

4_bunks_-_Cottage_Home-resized-6006.  Putting the beds across from each other with the ladders on the ends works too – photo: Cottage Home.

4_bunks_with_bI_ladder-resized-6007.  The shared ladder is actually built-in stairs.  The shaded wall lamps add a really homey feeling to these beds and the built-in side rails offer protection from falling off the upper bunks.

8_bunks-resized-6008.  If you need lots of beds – this example offers 8 comfortable beds for your guests.  Many rooms have enough space for this type of built-in beds and they work perfectly for vacation homes.

Use your space planning skills to imagine creative ways to get more sleeping accomodations besides blow up beds or sleeping bags on the floor.