It seems everyone has a shoe fetish these days and needs a place to store them.  Once you have them neatly arranged you will find it is much easier to find the ones you want and you won’t forget what you have.

shoes2-resized-6001.  You can arrange your shoes in pairs if you have plenty of shelf space.  Organizing by color and style makes it easier to find what you are looking for.  Notice the boots are hung on the bottom.

shoes3-resized-6002.  If you store them on shelves with the front and back alternating you can see at a glance what they look like and you can also fit more on the shelves!  This person has lots of black shoes with red soles which is striking but makes it harder to select the ones you want at a glance.

shoes,_shoes,_shoes-resized-6003.  These shelves are very roomy so there is more than enough room to see what shoes you have.  I love the purse shelves on the end too.

compartents-resized-6004.  Angled shoe shelves need some molding at the front edge the keep the shoes from sliding off.  It seems that no matter how many shelves you have there are never enough!

 shoe_boxes-resized-6005.  some people prefer to keep their shoes inside boxes.  By putting a picture of them on the end of the box it’s much easier to find what you are looking for.

shoe_cubbies-resized-6006.  Custom made shoe cubbies are a great solution but they don’t allow for future purchases.  Look how they had to cram a bunch in the last cubbie – always make more than you think you will need!

shoes_end_of_closet-resized-6007.  Shoes stored on racks at the back of the closet works well so you can see them easily.

shoe_island-resized-6008.  Here is a clever idea – make the closet island all shoe racks.