Christmas is magical for children and people take amazing pictures of their young children at this spectacular time of year.  I’m sharing some I’ve come across here so you can get ideas for your own photo shoots.

whew -- what a week!-resized-6001.  This photo from Just Feeling Good on Facebook tells it like it is – what a wonderful photo for a Christmas card!

love_christmas_4-resized-6002.  Here’s another adorable baby who looks quite amazed at his first Christmas.  This is surely a keeper.  source unknown

lovechristmas-resized-6003.  Don’t miss an opportunity for a shot like this of your newborn.  They truly are gifts that we will treasure forever.  source unknown

baby asleep on Sanat's hand-resized-6004.  Love Christmas on Facebook was the source of this wonderful new baby picture.  They don’t stay that little or that quiet for long so enjoy it while you can.

2012-12-23_1130-resized-6005.  As they get a little older they are so cute waiting for Santa.  Who could pass up a photo of this?  source unknown

love_christmas_facebook_-_boy_&_dog-resized-6006.  Of course, kids and their pets go hand in hand at Christmas and as you can see – they dress alike too.  source unknown

2012-12-22_1059-resized-6007.  No matter how big or small the dog, children will love them the best and amazingly they will put up with these crazy Christmas outfits and photos.  source unknown

white angel-resized-6008.  Love Christmas on Facebook was also the source of this adorable Christmas angel.  Do you have one at home too?

blue angel-resized-6009.  This bashful angel on the mantle from Love Christmas on Facebook tears at your heart. I think she’s deciding if she was naughty or nice.

snoopy-resized-600Merry Christmas to you all!!