Can’t you just imagine cuddling up with a book (or Nook or Kindle?) in a window seat and settling in for a relaxing few hours in the middle of your busy day?

window_seat-resized-6001.  Maybe it’s just a corner of the room where you can get away.  There is even storage below for your blankets, pillows and books.

window_seat_-_marcyephilbrook-resized-6002.  Or maybe you are lucky enough to have a wonderful bow window seat like this room that looks out into a peaceful garden.  The room was designed by Marcy Philbrook.

window_seat_built_between_2_bookcases-resized-6003.  You can make space for a window seat by building it between two bookshelves.  Remember to build the bookcases with false backs so they won’t be too deep.

window_seat_with_library-resized-6004.  Here is an idea if you are a serious reader – continue the book shelves beyond the window seat and make it a real library!  Who wouldn’t find peace with that wonderful view?

window_seat_for_3-resized-6005.  Maybe several of you like to plop down at the same time.  Here is a solution and it could serve as extra sleeping too.

window_seat_ocean_view-resized-6006.  OK – maybe you don’t even want to read – just sit an contemplate the Ocean view.  Sounds good to me.  I could enjoy that for hours.

window_seat_modern-resized-6007.  If your style is modern this could be perfect for you.  It’s like a picture framed greenhouse view.

window_seat_pop_out-resized-6008.  And if you don’t have a place for a window seat – Make one!  Create one by popping it outside.  I hope there is something nice to look at in this courtyard  ’cause it doesn’t show in the picture but I’m sure you would make it beautiful.

Have a wonderful day!