Do you need some Interior Design ideas about how to store and display all your books?  Here are some good ones.




1.  What a clever use of the often unused space under a stairwell.  Bookcases only need to be 10-12 inches deep and most books will fit on a 9″ shelf. This is not only functional but also very attractive and the addition of a stool and lamp makes it an ideal place for a quick look up.




2.  Floor to ceiling and wall to wall bookcases give plenty of space to store books and display artifacts as well.  This one is over the doorway too creating a framed opening into to the  dining room.




3.  A simple modular boxed bookcase in an office add lots of needed book shelves.  Notice the back wall and ceiling are painted black for contrast and depth.




4.  If your hallway is a little wider than minimum you can snag a foot from the side and greatly increase the amount of shelving available.  This hallway boasts two set of bookcases!




5.  Wow – what an inviting family room with a whole wall of books and a ladder to reach the high ones.  Notice the books at the top of the wall also which serve to frame in the sectional so the whole room is cozy.




6.  This modular stair step bookcase acts as a room divider too and is accessible from either side.




7.  This clever room has a bookcase wrapping around the sofa, which serves double duty as a sofa table and end table.

No excuse now for not getting those books put away in a beautiful and accessible place!