The first impression others get of our home is the foyer so it is important that it be designed to reflect your personality and style.

elegant-resized-6001.  This large foyer is elegance at it’s finest with the large scale marble floors and wrought iron staircase.

2012-03-09_1342-resized-6002.  This traditional staircase in the foyer immediately says “welcome to my lovely home” with the wrought iron rails, curved steps and marble floor.

floor_mirror_phot_by_Angus_Fergusson-resized-6003.  The floor mirror here makes a statement by visually reflecting light and making the foyer feel larger than it really is while the zebra striped bench makes a lively and fresh contemporary impression.

seating_and_shoes-resized-6004.  This relaxed foyer silently implies that you should sit down and take off your shoes before going further into the house.  It’s a very relaxed room that says “welcome home”.

grand_double_staircase-resized-6005.  This grandiose double staircase tells you immediately that you are entering a formal home.  Once the furniture is in with a large round foyer table adored with a gorgeous floral display and some inviting seating you will think you’ve entered a palace.

large6.  Here is a large foyer but it is not intimidating.  It needs both chests so it won’t feel too empty and the casual nature of the furniture is quite inviting.

mirrored_wall-resized-6007.  Although this foyer is formal it is definitely contemporary with this gorgeous table by Christopehr Guy and the full wall mirror behind it.

So determine what you want to say as a first impression and be sure your foyer reflects that in your interior design!