I’ve been a guest in many homes and truly enjoyed being able to stay with my hosts. You should make the guestroom interior design a top priority.  Most guest rooms are adequate but some really stand out as comfortable rooms that make you feel right at home or as if you are in a luxury hotel.  Check these out: 

 Isn’t this a beautiful room that would appeal to anyone? It’s not too feminine or too masculine and is an interesting decorative style.  It is also appropriate for any age.

 Although my husband might find this a little feminine, I really love it – French, soft and romantic.

This room is more masculine but with the soft draped canopy and yellow accents the room comes off unisex. 

Sometimes a Murphy Bed is all that is needed. The bed is out of sight when not needed and the room can double as an office.  The animal rug really brightens up this otherwise quiet room. 

This bed is made using parts from the Golden Gate Bridge by the Golden Gate Furniture Company.  That should have your guests entertained and give them something to talk about for quite awhile. 

And how about a tree house guest room?  A little fantasy is good for all of us sometimes! 




So when decorating your guest room – try a little imagination and have fun.