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Décor in the home is essential to create a comfortable and inviting living space. Every room in the home has a distinct feel and the items place in each room help to create the overall mood and enhance the time spent in each space. Lighting is an aspect that every home owner must consider as lighting controls the feel and use of the space. There are no rules in regards to lighting a space but there are a few tips and tricks that can help to create a bright and inviting environment. Flexibility is important so you can change the lighting as you see fit. Below are a few options to get you started with lighting the home.

Size the Room


Before getting started, the home owner should size the room. It is important to understand the amount of space that needs to be lit. Decades ago, the only lighting in a space was a single bulb in the middle of the room which led to one area of light in the middle of the room with dark spaces in the corners. Lighting has changed drastically over the decades and now the options are relatively endless. For larger rooms, many home owners will use track lighting or inset lighting to light the space without having large imposing fixtures or many table lamps. The size of the room should always be considered to keep every corner of the room bright. Via

Extra Lighting


It is also important to allow for extra lighting. There are many ways to do this. First you can paint the spaces in your home with light colors to allow for the reflection of light. If you have dark paint colors, the light will not be able to reflect as much and will lead to darker spaces. You can also add extra table lamps or use a light fixture with additional bulbs to bring in more light into the space.

Consider Function


It is also important to consider the function of the space. A bedroom may only need minimal lighting if only sleeping is required. However a living space such as a den or kitchen, will need maximum lighting to conduct certain activities. The light level must be increased for the types of activities used in the space.

Types of Lighting

There are many different types of lighting that are used in the home. Each type is used in a different room or area of the home. Below are the different examples of lighting for the home.


With mood lighting, the home will use smaller aspects of lighting such as table lamps, picture lighting, or wall lighting. This type of lighting will highlight a feature of the home instead of actually lighting the space.


With task lighting, this is when a fixture is used to light a space when you need to do an activity. An example of this would be a reading light. If you wanted to read at a desk, you would have a small light to allow you to do so.


General lighting is any type of light hat is used to create a bright space. This is usually a central light but can also be wall lighting in general. This is the first step used when lighting a space.
Each of these lighting types can be used in the home to create a welcoming and inviting space. Take a walk around your home and see if there are any areas that can be improved with additional task lighting or new light fixtures. Any changes will help to light the space and improve the overall feel of the room.

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