Here are some unique wreaths to decorate with this Christmas.  You don’t have to use the same ones you have been doing for years. Let’s get outside the box this Christmas.


cestibon-kristen.blogspot-resized-6001.  A lemon wreath would be a fresh take on Christmas and smell good too, especially with the sprigs of fresh greens. What an inviting way to greet yours guests.  Photo via


dishfunctionaldesigns.blogspot-resized-6002.  Let’s put that old costume jewelery to good use and make an elegant wreath like this.  How glamorous is that?  Photo via

dillydallas.blogspot-resized-6003.  What a unique wreath this is – a cinnamon stick wreath. That should smell really good!   Photo via

alibaba-resized-6004.  Here is a beautiful feather wreath via

coffee_filters_-_decoratorsnotebook.wordpress-resized-6005.  This wreath is made of coffee filters.  Instructions at

pippa-resized-6006.  Beautiful little boxes make a wonderful and festive wreath.  Photo via

mallieplusposh.blogspot-resized-6007.  Seashell wreaths could be used anytime of the year at a beach house but if you love the beach – why not use it at Christmas too?  Photo via mallieplushposh.blogspot

blowoutparty-resized-6008.  The the family with a sweet tooth make a cheery peppermint wreath.  The hard part will be keeping people from eating it!  Photo via

doehlerdays.blogspot-resized-6009.  If there is a knitter in the house this one would be perfect.  This is a great way to showcase all those old left over yarns and if they are attached to a wire frame they can still be used for future projects. Photo via

origami_-_stephensorigami.blogspot-resized-60010.  How clever is this origami wreath from

green_apples_-_homeklondike-resized-60011.  Crisp green apples make a very inviting wreath too.  Photo via

esty-resized-60012. The hydrangeas are gorgeous in this wreath at  You could make this yourself too by using silk flowers and attaching to a wire frame.