It’s time to have some fun and decorate the house for Christmas.  Let’s start with the fireplace mantle. It is often the focus of the room right after the tree.  I will share ideas for decorating a beautiful Christmas tree in my next blog.

prosatrecosecarecos.com_gold-resized-6001.  I love the elegance of a a simple color scheme when decorating and this mantle in gold is gorgeous. Via

prosatrecosecarecos-resized-6002.  Here is another gold scheme for the mantle.  Love the addition of “Noel”.  Via


tobifairley-resized-6003.  This citrus garland by Tobi Fairley is so inviting.  The yellow and orange just pop off the greenery.  Via

candles_-_styleestate-resized-6004.  A luxurious floral and greenery swag lit by candlelight hints at romance.  The colors are non traditional but still work for Christmas. Via

poem_-_styleestate-resized-6005.  What a great idea to add a saying or Christmas poem in Calligraphy or a beautiful script.  You could frame it and place it in front of an existing mirror or attach it directly to the mirror with some temporary spray on glue and remove it after the holidays.  Via

dropped_-_styleestate-resized-6006.  It’s not necessary to keep the decorations on top of the mantle.  See how this swag greatly enhances the decorations?  Via

scenery_-_styeestate-resized-6007.  Here is another mantle where the decorations aren’t confined to the top surface but gently frame a fanciful winter snow scene.  It’s charming!  What a cute Jingle bells pillow too.

statue_-_styleestate-resized-6008.  If your home is classically elegant this setting fits perfectly with all the gold decorations including the wreath around the neck of the bust. Via Pinterest

white_&_green_-_styleestate-resized-6009.  These gorgeous stocking filled with green packages and topped with birch rounds and moss intersperced with candles are quite charming.  The natural theme and simple color scheme make it work.  Via Pinterest

snow_-_styleestate-resized-60010.  And one of my all time favorites – snow capped greenery with ice skates!  It really sets the mood for a white Christmas even if you live in a sunny climate like I do.  Via Pinterest