I love it when the gardens come alive and we start spending lots of time in them.  Today I’d like to share with you some spectacular landscaping ideas.

contemporary_fountain-resized-6001.  WOW – I would love to have a yard big enough for a fountain and large flagstone patio like this.  Of course the large open grassy area and palm trees help too. Think of the parties we could have here!


2.  This formal entry to the yard is very inviting and low maintenance with a crushed gravel walkway.  The large urn here is just decorative but could be a fountain instead.  See how cute the little flower pots are on the gate.


3.  You don’t have to be limited to what furniture you find in the retail stores to outfit your yard – loving this custom made stone and iron bench!

checkerboard-resized-6004.  How charming is this garden??  The checkerboard patio is soothing and serene and very unique.  If you have a shady yard, this might be the perfect way to treat it.

deck_over_koi_pond-resized-6005.  Having your own Koi pond flowing under the deck and gazebo would be nice too.  Sort of makes you feel like you are on vacation and the fish don’t take a lot of care.

floating_pit-resized-6006.  Here is another “resort like” yard.  Who else do you know whose comfortable lounge area is inside the pool?

freeform_pond-resized-6007.  Here is another way to enjoy the water – again with the Koi and a free form style pond.  It certainly is a great retreat – day or night.

garden_trellis-resized-6007.  Is there anything more romantic in a garden that an vine covered trellis?  This one is fabulous!

outdoor_tub_&_shower-resized-6008.  Here is a winner – an outdoor shower and carved stone tub. Your own private corner of the yard.

projecting_desk-resized-6009.  Oh, if you have a place on the lake this would be great.  The deck projects out into the yard for a wrap around view and a little breeze.  You might even be able to fish right from here!

twig_shaped_railing-resized-60010.  Here is another mountain retreat with a charming custom iron railing designed to look like tree trunks and branches.  It could be done with the real thing but wouldn’t provide the security or durability of the metal railing.

Enjoy your week-ends in the beautiful outdoors!