My guest blogger this week is Belinda from the friendly team at Hydrotherm.


Bathroom Accessories that Fit with the  Design of Your Bathroom

by Belinda J. Darling

How do you discover the questions to ask yourself when planning a bathroom design? When designing the floor plan consider the function of the space.  Is everything with in reach of where you use it?  Is the design practical and meet the needs of the whole family or whomever will be using it?  Is there enough storage space for your personal items?  Have you included any other interior design features you want? Have you allowed adequate space for passage and specialty needs?

A customized bathroom is all about the finer details and the comforts we afford ourselves in the one room we have all to ourselves each day.  It is where we can bathe, relax and be free of the stesses placed on us by the day ahead and where we wash them off at the end of the day.  Adding creature comforts like towel rack warmers can make all the difference on those cold days when you step out of the shower.  Nothing is more wonderful than a warm dry towel after a relaxing shower or bath.


A sleek and minimally designed accessory usually suits all bathrooms.  An excellently designed bathroom accessory should never draw too much attention from other bathroom features, but stand on it’s own for it’s functionality and design.


Heated towel racks can add that extra “wow” factor as a luxurious addition to your home.  They come in a variety of striking styles and sizes.  There are floor-to-ceiling racks and large and small ladder styles to fit any space.  The racks are easily installed so you can take them with you if you move.




Finding the right accessories for the design of your bathroom and wet areas takes some consideration and planning.  DIY home renovators to industry professionals will all tell you that the process can become confusing and time consuming because of the extensive range of products in the marketplace.

Hydrotherm products are available throughout Australia and the World.  Contact them for more information.  They’d love to hear from you.