When I design a bathroom I keep in mind that it needs to be organized so I wanted to show you some great ideas about how to clear out the clutter.

This will be a two part blog so come back next week for some more ideas on keeping the bathroom organized!

3_shower_niches-resized-6001.  Shower niches can be both functional and beautiful but be sure to put your essentials into pretty bottles and not in those bright orange, pink and green bottles they come in from the store!

apron_front_sinks-resized-6002.  If you don’t have room for a nice sized drawer, why not build these towel cubbies – both attractive and practical.

towel_storage_basket-resized-6003.  Fresh towels can be stored in a large basket too and be attractive at the same time.

back_ledge_by_michael_abrams_limited-resized-6004.  If there is not enough room on your counter you can add a ledge behind the vanity like this picture shows.  This is especially useful if you have a vessel sink.

banjo_toilettlid-resized-6005.  Of course this banjo countertop adds surface and the open shelves add a  much needed place for towels.

banjo_toilettlid-resized-6006. This banjo countertop adds additional counter space and the open shelves are a perfect place for dry towels

bath_cart-resized-6007.  How about a bathroom caddie that you can roll out of the way when you are done?  If you can hide in in a closet even better.

curling_iron_storage-resized-6008.  Here is a great solution for storing your curling irons – handy but out of sight.

hairdryer_pull_out-resized-6009.  This pull out drawer has a place for the hairdryer and curling iron to be stored and if it were on the top instead of the bottom they could be plugged in inside the cabinet and ready to go.

clasic_black_marble-resized-60010.  If you don’t have room for a towel rack use a sink with built in railing like this one.