What Clients/Vendors have to say

“Lila is a fabulously talented, knows building design and construction as well as an architect or contractor and is a wonderfully practical “push up her sleeves” interior designer. Her creativity has graced many homes including the Bing Crosby estate. She has been acutely sensitive to our needs, tastes and budget and has a particularly rare quality for designer…she gets along fabulously with the contractors and subs. She’s a listener, mediator and a problem solver par excellence!”

– John and Cleo Constantin

“How do you spell relief? L-I-L-A!”

– Paul and Susan Piper

“I used to think I could make good decisions on my own, but now I’ve developed a reliance on Lila.”

– Celso Frazao and Regina Bustamante

“She knows our project and my taste thoroughly and I trust her to make decisions for me. We love how everything has turned out!”

– Dale and Deanne Westen

“I’m amazed how Lila can walk in a room and so quickly see exactly what it needs to make it great! We have worked on three projects with her and it has been a wonderful experience with amazing results!”

– Greg Leonard and Susan Mason

“Everyone who comes into our house says “This is the best coordinated, most pulled together house” they have ever seen.”

– Gene and Jody Bisson

“She combines creative designs with a sensible vision of the end product.”

– Mark and Raymonde Voll

“I respect and trust Lila’s opinion more than the architect or builder.”

– John and Sally Endriz

“Everything looks great!”

– Tony and Edwina Silva

“Your involvement was invaluable and everyday we are reminded of what a stunning job you did when we look at all the finishing touches…we would recommend you without reservation…it was an absolute pleasure doing business with you.”

– Carl and Christine Percival

“We could not we have done such a huge job as this whole house remodel without you. You kept everything on schedule and solved so many issues along the way with perfect calm. The results are amazing and beyond our expectations and we thank you each day for the wonderful job you did.”

– Ernie and Antje Hirt

“I love my new office and can’t begin to tell you how much we all appreciate how much you have done for us!”

– Judy Steele, Community Health Awareness Council

“She knows what she’s doing and has great ideas. She provides accurate, detailed plans.”

– Jeff Stephenson, Silver Cloud Tile and Stone

“She’s one of my favorite designers. It’s a pleasure to work with a true professional like Lila.”

– Bill Sullivan, Classic Innovations

“The difference between Lila and other designers is clear on two points: stone smarts and the ability to make something special out of common materials. Other designers need something special to avoid being common. (Not that she can’t also use special materials to make something extraordinary!)”

– Kevin Murphy, Alpha Granite and Marble

“One of the few designers who I can work with who knows what she’s doing.”

– Bill Hirschman and Liz Dodson, Lexor Builders

“She really knows her business. She’s a very good designer.”

– Julio Correa, City Builder

“One of my best designers – she’s great!”

– Susie Seebauer, Beacon Hill Furniture Showroom

“Lila is one of our founding members and consistently one of our highest producers.”

– Kathryn Clemons, IDPA

“Lila knows her business and makes our job easier!”

– Dennis Rawson, Rawson Cabinets

“One of the best designers in the Bay Area.”

– Suleyman Suzer, Medallion Rugs

“I wish other designers were more like her.”

– Monty Boyd, Boyd Built Cabinets

“Lila is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced Designer whose creative ideas and overall talents always bring new levels of collaborative solutions for our mutual clients. It is always a pleasure to work with her and learn along the way.”

– Bill Van Housen, AIA, Van Housen Architecture