So, you are thinking about doing a kitchen remodeling! Good for you – kitchen remodels can change your life for the better.  Since you will be spending a lot of time and money on this kitchen remodel it makes sense to plan carefully before you jump into such a big project.


Amazing as it seems, I have been called out to projects where they have totally demolished the existing kitchen and have no idea what they want their new kitchen to look like!  Why have your house torn up with no working kitchen while you decide what you want to do?  That will only delay the project and lead to more stress.

The first step in kitchen remodeling is to have a Master Plan so you can prepare a realistic budget and research your options.  You may tweak the Master Plan more than once based on your research and budget so allow plenty of time for this process. Make some notes about what you like and don’t like about your existing kitchen and make a list of what you would like to achieve in the remodeled kitchen.  I will go into detail of how to get organized for a kitchen remodel in future blogs.


Start thinking about some of the elements involved in your kitchen remodel. 

Proper space planning is essential.  Arrange your appliances and sink in a functional way so that there are not a lot of wasted steps getting to them and areas of potential hazards.  The refrigerator and sink are the most  used items in the room so should be placed near each other.  The least used appliance is the oven so it can be more remotely located.  When using the oven, you usually put something in it, leave while it is cooking and then return 30-60 minutes later.    

Always allow adequate space next to the cooktop (preferably on your handed side) for putting things down (12-18″ absolute minimum) and at least 12″ on the opposite side as well.  

Don’t forget to allow enough aisle space – 42″ is comfortable (36″ absolute minimum where there are no appliances or traffic flow). Allow 42″-48″ where there are appliances opening into the aisle or traffic flow.  If the aisles are too wide (over 60″) they will make the kitchen less efficient and require more steps in preparing and cleaning up.  

You can include an island if you have enough room.  The aisle spaces mentioned above apply. 

If there is to be an eating area in the remodeled kitchen, the island size and configuration may be determined by the aisle space available.  If you do not have enough room to pull out chairs and get by them you might use a banquette, which requires less space. For a table and chairs you need to allow at least 48″ from the table to the wall but 60″ is ideal. 



There are many more things to consider in a kitchen remodel and I will address them in a future blog.




 Remodeling a kitchen can be fun and very rewarding if done properly!