Now that the holidays are over you might be thinking about getting things back in order for the New Year. Here are some ideas to quickly and cheaply get your kitchen organized.


1.  I have used double decker lazy susans like this in my cupboards for many years.  It may be OCD but I keep all my spices and small cooking bottles like this – alphabetized of course so it’s easy to find what I need. via


2.  I recently started using lazy susans in the refrigerator too for all those small jars that won’t fit on the side doors and it really works well.  Now I can see everything in the refrigerator and not go buying duplicates of letting things stay in there too long because I forgot about them. via


3.  If you haven’t put a pull out shelf under the sink yet do not await any longer.   It really helps when looking under there for cleaning supplies and makes it easy to retrieve things.  Wire ones are available at storage stores, hardware stores and home centers or you can have one custom made like this one relatively inexpensively. By the way you can use them in all your base cabinets if you don’t have pull outs already and they will help tremendously!  Via


 4.  The Container Store sells these handy storage racks for foil and plastic wrap.  Now they are easily accessible and don’t take up valuable drawer space.


 5.  Magnetic knife racks are an easy way to keep your knives nearby and ready at all times.  They are sold in stores like Bed Bath and Beyond and are easily installed.  Since they are usually installed on the back splash they are normally out of the reach of little ones but if your child climbs on the counter you may want to wait until they are older to install one of these.


6.  You know that 6″ space behind the door?  You only need about 3″-4″ (measure your cans) to build a simple shelf that holds your canned goods one can deep so everything is easily seen and retrieved.  Via


7.  Do you have coupons and menus in a drawer in the kitchen?  This neat little organizer has pockets to sort them and keep them out of sight until you are ready to use them.  No more digging through the junk drawer to find them!  Via


8.  Here is another clever trick for using the inside of the cupboard door efficiently to hold you measuring spoons and cups.  The addition of the conversion table is a great idea too – a quick reference whenever you need it.  Via


9.  The inside of pantry doors are not to be forgotten either.  Just paint them with chalk board paint and “Viola” you have a place for grocery lists or a bulletin board for the family.  I would put chalk on a string and an eraser on a hook there too.  Via