If you are planning a kitchen remodel or are building a new house and are starting to think about the kitchen design, be sure to allow plenty of time for the design phase.  There are thousands of decisions to be made and lots of small details you have never thought about before.  

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In order to prepare a Master Plan you will need to start by getting organized.  Get some three ring binders, divider tabs and plastic sleeves.  I recommend you get 1.5″ or 2″ binders because if they are any larger they get too heavy.  If there is not enough room in a 2″ binder make several binders, each labeled with different parts fo the project (ie: appliances, counter tops, plumbing fixtures, cabinets, flooring, lighting, etc.) and subdivided with divider tabs. 

 You will use the binders to gather information about options for each component of the room and from there you will narrow down your choices.


You might start out with a section that has pictures of kitchen you have seen in magazines that have inspired you. 

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Next you will need a floor plan so you know what size appliances you will be looking for. A Kitchen Designer or Interior Designer can help if you need help designing the floor plan. It will be a collaborative effort so be prepared to tell them what you are looking for.


I suggest you focus on researching one aspect of the room at a time, for instance appliances are a good place to start since they are one on the most expensive components.  That way you will not be distracted and overwhelmed by all the other decisions you will have to make.  You will also get an idea of what the appliances you like are going to cost.  You will not be ordering them immediately so you have time to change your mind, but at least you have narrowed down the field.


For every aspect of the kitchen there will be many, many choices so learn all you can about the subject you are researching and put the information in your binder. 

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Once you have made final decisions on any aspect of the project you can start a new binder with only the final selections.  You can also put them into a file you have started on the computer.  If you put everything into the computer to start with, it will be harder to find your choices and it is helpful to be able to carry a binder with you when you are out researching in the marketplace.  




You will also need a large container for finish samples as you proceed to narrow down your selections.  Gather samples of countertop materials, flooring and cabinet finishes so you can be sure they all look good together when making your final choices.  Be sure to note what they are and where they came from. The finsih samples will also come in handy when you are trying to select paint colors.These things will give you structure, keep your project on course and help you make goood decisions.



Other blogs will go into many more aspects of Kitchen design.