Pot racks are a wonderful way to store your pans so they are handy when you need them.  Of course, it’s best to have the clean good looking ones on display.

pot_racks_copper_pots-resized-6001.  This cook has the pans neatly hung on the hood, which is deep enough so they won’t get splattered with grease while the cooking is going on.

island_baskets-resized-6002.  Hanging your pots over an island is also a convenient place.  They are easily accessible and add a decorative touch as well.

soapstone_with_drain_grooves_-_battlearchitects-resized-6003.  Here’s a good solution – hang your pots over the sink!  This rack is large enough that you can hang utensils too and even let them air dry.

stainless_cabinets_-_Marcia_Bond-resized-6004.  This round pot rack works well over the simple island table and is within easy reach of the stove.

pot_rack-resized-6005.  This gorgeous stainless steel oval pot rack is mounted by a ceiling beams and located at one end of this island instead of the more common center location.  This way it’s near the cooking area of the kitchen and not in the way of people seated at the stools.

Susie_Johnson_Interior_Design-resized-6006. Susie Johnson Interior Design used this square wrought iron pot rack over the island for small pans and miscellaneous items.

pot_rack_on_island-resized-6007.  Here’s a novel place to hang your pots.  This movable cart made of pipes and wood has hooks for pans attached underneath the wooden top.

French_country-resized-6008.  A French Country unfitted kitchen like this calls for hanging pots for sure.  They have cleverly hung them on the wooden shelf above the stainless steel backsplash.  I’m not sure what kind of exhaust hood is in there but it’s probably located in the ceiling.

kitchen6-resized-6009.  I designed this custom wrought iron pot rack for a client to the exact right size for her island. It has a grille shelf plus scrolling vines and flowers.

2_pot_racks-resized-60010.  Last but not least if one pot rack is not enough – install two of them!

Look around your kitchen and see if there is a place that’s just right for you to install a pot rack.