Lucky you – you have a large kitchen but large isn’t always better unless the space is proprely planned.  As a matter of fact, it can be very inefficient if poorly planned.


1.  This kitchen picture from Pinterest has two large separate islands.  They each have their own personality, color and countertops to isolate them from each other and the main kitchen cabinets. The large black island serves the cooking area and the butcher block island serves as an eating counter with cabinet access on the back side.  Having access into and out of the kitchen on both sides eliminates traffic jams.


2.  Here is an example of two separate islands providing plenty of work surface but also allowing easy passage from the kitchen to the dining area or out of the room without interferring with the cook.

2_islands_6-resized-6003.  This well designed kitchen actually has three islands and it works perfectly for ease of working and passing through the kichen.  I assume the refrigerator is locate on the left side wall across from the aisle between these two dark islands.  It there had been one large island instead it would have been much more difficult to use and would have blocked passage to the refrigerator and also in and out of the room.

 2_islands_2-resized-6004.  This stunning kitchen offers two islands with seating at both.  It’s a nice touch for the cook to have a stool in the working end of the kitchen while the other island seats people at the eating bar.  Guests are kept out of the way of the cook but conversation flows easily.

2_islands_5-resized-6005.  Contemporary kitchens lend themselves to multiple islands too and this one keeps the bar and eating area to the perimeter and the serious prep and clean up to the inside.  I would have liked to have seen more counter space around the cooktop, however.

2_islands 7a-resized-6006.  Here is another example of how double islands serve both areas of the kitchen without interrupting traffic flow.  The refrigerator, freezer and oven are all easily accessed and the islands across from them provides a place to put things down.

Think outside the box to get a well functioning kitchen!