Have you considered designing a colorful kitchen instead of the neutrals of white, cream and natural woods?  A bold splash of color can be pretty amazing.


1.  Blue is the favorite color by both men and women so if you love it – use it in your kitchen!  In traditional kitchens blues tend to be grayed a bit and work nicely with stainless steel and white.


2.  If your style kitchen is modern you might like this bold blue kitchen to make a very bold statement. via


 3.  Greens are also popular colors and as you can see in this traditional kitchen the color is grayed a bit like it was in the blue Traditional kitchen.  Via


4.  However there is nothing toned down about this contemporary green kitchen.  It’s a tiny green jewel box.  Via


5.  If red is your favorite color (like mine) you have to have a red kitchen sometime in your life.  I did and couldn’t have been happier with it.  Via

tidystuff.com_-_red_kitchen-resized-6006.  Red in a contemporary kitchen is like a shiny Ferrari – hot and sexy!  via


 7.  Pink kitchen cabinets aren’t for sissies but when paired with white cabinets and white counters can be quite stunning.  Via


8.  Yellow traditional or transitional kitchens are cheerful and happy all year round.  They work especially well in Northern exposures and dark kitchens. via


 9.  The contemporary or modern version of a yellow kitchen uses a much stronger yellow and brightens up any home.  Don’t you just love the way they turned the cabinets into a sculpture in this room?

kitchen_clarity.com_-_orange-resized-60010.  If you aren’t afraid of orange, here is a good example of how it can be used successfully in a kitchen. via


 11. If you love purple you might want a purple kitchen like this traditional one.  It doesn’t come off too strong and is quite inviting with the soft gold walls.  via

kitchen-design-ideas.org_-_purple-resized-60012. If you are passionate about purple you could go all out and have a fun and sophisticated kitchen set up like this contemporary one.  I don’t really like the photographs on the cupboards over the cook top but you could easily adapt the idea with frosted glass or stainless cabinet doors.  via

The bottom line is don’t be afraid to color outside the box and make your kitchen one of a kind.  This is especially true if you have older cabinets that could be painted to give them a new personality and refresh your kitchen without a lot of expense.