Here are some ideas if you are finally remodeling your kitchen but have no idea what to include.  Designing a kitchen is very complex because of all the components, the building codes and the overwhelming number of items available to choose from.

2011-12-13_2150-resized-6001.  One of my favorite appliances that is often overlooked is the warming drawer.  All major manufacturers have them. They offer a great way to keep food warm for hours without overcooking if family members come home at varying times.  They can be used for either dry items like bread and rolls or moist items like meat and vegetables. Once you get used to having one you will wonder how you ever managed without it.


2.  Refrigerator drawers keep your drinks and drink essentials out of the main kitchen but easily accessible when needed.  You could also install an ice maker in the area so they can get ice without going to the freezer in the main part of the kitchen.

bay_window-resized-6003.  A garden window in the kitchen brings in additional natural light and provides more counter space.  They are usually installed at the sink area.  Plants are easily watered and keep water from splashing on the windows.

apron_front_sink-resized-6004.  Apron front sinks are all the rage these days as are large single bowl undermount sinks.  Kohler makes an apron front sink that can be retrofitted into existing cabinets.




5. Pop up electrical outlets by Haefle are handy when you need them and disappear when you don’t.

If you are installing outlets in the island always use brown outlets and covers on dark wood so they don’t draw attention.  There are quite a few color options available these days so you can pick something as close as possible to your wood or paint color.

instand_hot_dual_faucet_insinkerator-resized-6006.  Do you like to make single cups of coffee, tea or soup?  This is the perfect answer for instant hot water.  It also works when cleaning up dishes so you don’t have to wait for your tap water to get hot.  This particular model also offers cool filtered water instantly.

calendar_and_notes-resized-6007.  A kitchen message center is a great way to keep organized.  Even if you only have a small space like a cupboard door or pantry door you can use chalkboard paint to create one easily.



 8.  integral dividers provide neat storage of all your kitchen necessities and make it easier to find things when you need them instead of shuffling through an entire drawer to find the one thing you need.  If you don’t have enough upper cabinets, dishes can be stored in base cabinets with these peg divider systems.

dishwasher_drawers-resized-6009.  Dishwasher drawers are wonderful for those who don’t fill up the dishwasher every few days.  They operate independently of each other and can be installed on top of each other like the photo or separated and placed on either side of the sink.



10 & 11 Hands free faucets are available now which could make your life much easier and today it’s a good idea to included an electronics charging station in or near the kitchen.  It could be by the message center and hard wired phone, if you have one.