Do you have a hard time deciding what is  your personal Interior Design style?  Lots of people have the same problem and even though you don’t need to be a purist about it – it’s helpful to determine which direction you are most drawn to.  From there you can always mix it up a bit so it becomes Eclectic and a true reflection of you!

 1.  Contemporary Style is very popular these days with it’s simple lines and quality materials.  Notice there is no crown molding at the top of the cabinets.  Both straight and curvilinear lines are important in this style.

2 & 3.  Traditional Style is illustrated here with the footed white cabinets, scoop hardware, professional stove and traditional style light fixtures.  The butcher block in the second picture adds warmth, while the white marble counter in the first picture emphasizes traditional styling. 

5.  Craftsman Style is clearly defined here with it’s straight geometric lines and distinctive Craftsman legs on the island.  The wooden ceiling beams are very clean lined and the crown molding is very simple.  Although the backsplash is modern it still has straight geometric lines.


4.  This kitchen is an Updated Country look without all the cutesy accessories associated with true country style.  Notice that it still has lots of details – legs, moldings, hand painted  tile at the stove, chicken wire on the cabinets and a farmhouse sink to define the style.


6.  Modern Design is quite minimal as illustrated here.  Functional items are all out of site, the lines are extremely linear and there is a bit of futuristic feel to it.  The cabinets are a pure bright colored high gloss lacquer with very minimal integrated hardware.

copy of carved_stone_hood_2-resized-600

7 & 8. Old World European has lots of detailing in trim, moldngs and paneling.  The colors are warm earthy shades of browns and yellows.  There is a comfotable inviting feel to the room and layers of detail to be discovered. 


9. Asian Style as shown in the Japanese kitchen uses elements of Asian furniture and detail to define itself.  Here the Tansu style cabinets, hardware and accessories clearly set the stage.  

 10.  This kitchen is clearly Eclectic Style because of the Contemporary simple lines on the cabinets, hood and the open shelving but it also incorporates warm colors, mosaic tile backsplash and a professional range which are typically in Old World European styling .  The round stainless and butcher block island adds a touch of Modern Styling.  All in all is is very successful!



Once you determine what your style (or styles) is you are on your way to start decorating or remodeling your home.  Have fun!

copy of round_island_steel_and_wood-resized-600