Closets are a problem for lots of people and when I’m called on to design a closet I space plan the same as I would any other room.


Deciding what  you need and how much room each area will take is the first step in closet designing.

men's closet 1-resized-600

 There are lots of nice features in this man’s closet.  Notice the pants rack that pulls out, the angled shoe display and the glass front drawers.  There is also a full height mirror on each side of the tall built in which makes the room reflect more light and look much larger.



If you have a pile of shoes like this you definitely need some closet space planning.  How can you even find a matching pair here? 

 Now this is how a shoe shelf should look 


  Belts hooks are a great help

 Jewelery drawers keep everything neat and easy to find.  If you have them lined with jeweler’s cloth they will stay nice and protected.                                          

A telescoping rod to hold items for a short time is one of my favorites!


How would you like to have these closet rods with lighting in them?  Pretty neat!

 Lastly, here is how our closets should look but most don’t!

I’ll be very proud of you if you can weed out your unused items and redo your closet in a neat and functional way – I need do do one of mine – how about you?