If you are afraid of using color in your interior design projects, I have just the right one for you to start with – Yellow!   It is a magical color that can make any room sing when used correctly.

bellemaison23.com_-_yellow_pastel-resized-6001.  If you have a dark and dreary room in your house, painting it yellow can make a world of difference.  Soft yellow walls transform this bathroom into a little bit of sunshine to start the day. Via


2.  If you have a large room that is on the dark side you can magically change it with the use of varying intensities of yellow.  It will feel light, bright and much larger and happier. photo source unknown.


3.  Traditional homes have used yellow for centuries and they have stood the test of time. Via

yellow_in_classic_room-resized-6004.  Here is a perfect example of yellow walls in a very classically decorated room.  The pop of red chairs brings a little needed contrast but the rest of the room is quite calm.  photo source unknown.

yellow_&_gray-resized-6005.  Yellow is used here to add life to a neutral gray color palette.  It’s a nice balance and keeps the gray from being too boring.  photo source unknown


6.  Here is another example of how well yellow and gray work together.  Since gray is the new neutral these days it’s good to keep yellow as a companion in your basket of tricks. photo source unknown

yellow_chairs-resized-6007.  Just the simple use of a strong yellow upholstery on these dining room chairs makes the room exciting.  It is all the room needs to be stimulating and dramatic.  photos source unknown

yellow_green_&_blue-resized-6008.  As you can see here by adding blue and green to the mix the impact of the yellow is diluted but is still a cheerful background for the room.  Via

My philosphy about the use of color is that if it is paint or accessories, it’s easy and inexpensive to change so don’t be afraid to try something new.