Now that the New Year has arrived maybe it’s time for a new project at home.  Man caves are all the rage these days but I’m here to tell you they don’t have to look like a cave man designed them!




Of course the men in our lives need a place they can retreat to and be “manly” even if it’s a small space where he can display his interests that the wife doesn’t appreciate in the living room (like guns, motorcycles, etc.)man_cave_pool_table-resized-600

1.  Lots of guys want a place where they can play pool and watch “the game” on TV with their buddies.  As long as it’s done tastefully most women don’t mind at all.  After all, that way they have space to themselves too.man_cave_poker-resized-600

2.  If there is enough room they can even have a “poker room”.  Ideally, it should be able to close off so the noise can be kept to a minimum in the rest of the house.man_cave_-_separate-resized-600

3.  If there’s not enough room in the house, how about converting an outbuilding or adding a small stand alone room for the man in your life?


4.  Lots of people don’t have any other space available except the garage.  This is a really well outfitted garage just for him.  It has his tool area, his motorcycle, a built in bar, weight lifting and exercise station, refrigerator, plenty of display area, carpeted floor and a lounge with TV.  Notice in the back right corner there is an area curtained off to hide those less attractive things stored in the garage.


5.  This must be the perfect refrigerator for that garage man cave!

man_cave_guns_and_electronics-resized-6006.  This man’s interest are clearly rifles and electronics and it looks like he has state of the art in both.  Hunters and fishermen often mount their catches and decorate the walls of their man caves with them.

man_cave_-_golf-resized-6007.  If your guy is an avid golfer, give him an indoor putting green which is functional and decorative at the same time.  I love this full wall photo of a beautiful golf course – maybe Pebble Beach?

man_cave_sports-resized-6008.  This is a truly beautiful man cave for the football fan.  It has comfortable chairs and a locker room style display.  I’m sure there is a bar or refrigerator nearby too so they can enjoy the games in real style.  They can even watch four different games at once!

man_cave_racecars-resized-6009.  If race cars are his passion – let it show.

man_cave_race_track_light-resized-60010.  I guess the race track can go on the ceiling too and become a light fixture – how creative!

man_cave_music_and_pinballs-resized-60011. This man cave belongs to a man who loves music, a customized car sofa and pinball machines.  Looks like a fun room to me!

man_cave_color_schemes-resized-60012.  Here is another man cave for a serious sports fan.  Be sure to keep the room colors masculine and calm. They will make a perfect backdrop for all the colorful items being displayed.  Proper lighting is just as important in this room as any other room in the house.

man_cave_cigar-resized-60013.  If your man cave is where he and the guys go to smoke cigars, be sure you have a good ventilation system and keep the room as far away from the main house as possible.


14. So figure out how to give the guys plenty of comfortable seating and let them enjoy their special get-a-way.  They will really appreciate it.