I know that this time of year you are not thinking of covering your windows but framing the view with beautiful drapes will really complete a room – no matter what style.  Most of the window is still exposed but the eye is drawn to the window with side panels.

contemp panels-resized-6001.  Even sheer panels can frame a view softly and add warmth to a room.  The silver fabric at the hem is a fun touch.  Via

horizontal_stripes-resized-6002.  If you want to make a bold statement, these highly contrasting geometric panels can do the trick.  It all depends on your style and if you are trying to frame a view or create a focal point in the room.  Photo source unknown

cornice_with_nailheads-resized-6003.  Even bay and bow windows can benefit from some soft drapery treatments.  The addition of a padded and studded cornice in this bay really sets off the whole window.  Photo source unknown

arched_windows-resized-6004.  Arched windows?  No problem – this simple window treatment follows the lines of the arch and enhances the architecture.  Photo source unknown

bamboo_pole-resized-6005.  If your home has an Asian theme – try using bamboo poles for the rod and handing some panels with frog closure details like this – It is very effective!  Photo source unknown

banded_draper_panels-resized-6005.  Simple decorative panels on the draperies can add a little subtle interest and not take away from the view out the window. Photo source unknown

two_tone-resized-6006.  Another way to add a little interest to the drapery treatment is to use a large band of contrasting color at the top, bottom or both.  Photo source unknown


Schumacher 64430-resized-600


7.  Decorative tie backs and drapery hardware are ways to up the decorative details of a drapery treatment and are appropriate for rooms with more traditional or classic furnishing. Photo source unknown

installation dos and don'ts-resized-600

8.  Last but not least be sure to hang your drapery panels at the proper height.  If you need help in the design of your window treatment, contact a professional Interior Designer.  They have the expertise to design the exact right treatment for your windows and solve the many problems that come up with window covering installations.  Photo source unknown