Have you notice the resurgence of nail head trim these days?  It’s showing up everywhere!


1.  Nail heads come in many sizes and finishes and are used as decorative accents.  They can be spaced close together or a little bit farther apart depending on the application and desired effect.

nail_heads-resized-6002.  Not only can they be used in straight lines but also in decorative patterns like this.

nail_head_ottoman-resized-6003.  Here is another example of how nail heads can be used to decorate a piece of upholstered furniture.


4.  Nail heads can be used to outline shapes on chairs to accentuate the lines too.

nailheads_on_Pearson_ottomans-resized-6005.  You can use nail heads to trim ottomans too – it gives them so much more presence.

nailheads_-_diamondheadupholsterytack-resized-6006.  Have you ever thought of using them on your tufted furniture?  That can add a unexpected detail.

nailheads_diamondheadupholsterytack-resized-6007.  Here is another exanple of nail heads on a tufted bench and a tufted headboard.  Leave it to the Hard Rock Hotel!

nailheads_-diamondheadupholsterytack-resized-6008.  And for some bling and glam – use crystal or faux crystal nail heads for your upholstered headboard.

Look around and see what you have that could use  some added jewelery and give it a try.