WOW – there are some amazingly creative and talented artists in America.  Pieces from any one of them will make your home special and unique.


1.  Alison Berger is an artist who works in blown glass and created useful items out of them like this fabulous lamp.

matt_driscoll_-_bellboynewyork.com_-_water_tower_chair-resized-6002.  With recycling all the rage these days, this chair by Mat Driscoll is the ultimate chair made from recycled water tower wood.

scott_mcglasson-table_-_american_crafts-resized-6003.  Live edge wood furniture is also attracting a lot of attention today and Scott McGlasson does a very skillful job of creating functional live edge furniture that preserves the natural beauty of wood.

vivian_beer_-_h_and_sculped_metal_f_urn_-_american_craft-resized-6004.  Vivian Beer has a wonderful imagination and creates these beautiful chairs from simple sheet of steel!  The lines are so fluid and graceful it’s hard to imagine how she does it.

shawn_lovell_-_tree_bed_of_forged_steel_-_american_craft-resized-6005.  Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this fanciful wrought iron tree bed with the  perfect finishing touch of a bird nest on top?  This is the creation of Shawna Lovell.  Nature is always an inspiration for beautiful things.


6.  When it comes to sculptural art – how about a war horse coved in pennies? Sorry, I don’t have the artist’s name.

shayna_leir_-_wind_&_fire_series_-_hand_pulled_custom_colored_____glass_canes-american_craft-resized-6007.  This is one of my favorite pieces of dimensional art. Shayna Leib created this by hand pulling individual glass canes and carefully arranging them into this stunning piece from her Wind and Water series.  Can you imagine how much patience this would take?

ed_&_kate_coleman_-_mugs_-_americ_crafts-resized-6008.  These beautiful ceramic coffee mugs with colorful glazes are created by Ed & Kate Coleman.  I need to have some of these in my own cupboard!

**Photos are all coutresy of American Craft magazine.