Spring is such an uplifting and happy time of year.  I think it has something to do with the rebirth of plants, flowers and sunshine.


1.  Pink apple blossoms and cherry blossoms are so beautiful.  They are so abundant on the trees that they create a sense of a fairyland.  Source unknown

blue2-resized-6002.  Pastel blues are soft and inviting and work well in bright sunny rooms.  Via

aqua_3-resized-6003.  Soft aqua is another cool shade that reminds me of spring.  It is gentle and combines nicely with beiges, soft golds, pale yellows and pinks.  Source unknown

cheery_yellow-resized-6004.  If you have a darker room or a north facing room, yellows are an excellent choice to brighten the room.  Via

coral_chairs-resized-6005.  It’s amazing how a pop of coral can bring a room to life.  It’s more of a summer color but works nicely with the quieter colors of spring, as you can see here.  Source unknown

green_-_fava_design_group-resized-6004.  Greens are a  symbol of life and are a wonderful introduction in these chairs of translucent Lucite.  They really draw your eye to the lush plantings outside.  Source unknown

foreverpinkcottagechic-resized-6005.  Pale pink is also lovely as a spring color and it is usually associated with little girls but it’s a flattering color in any bedroom.  Via

meccinteriors.wordpress.com-pastels-resized-6006.  Here is a perfect example of using all the spring colors in a room.  How easy would it be to make some artwork like that to shout Spring is in the air.  The accent pieces could be easily changed throughout the seasons.  Via

Think about freshening up your rooms with a splash of springtime!