Want to decorating using blue?  It is the most popular color and most people are comfortable with it so don’t be shy.


blues2-resized-600Of course there are many shades of blue and these are just a few.  Blues range from pure blue to yellow-blue and red-blue.  They all work together quite well and it’s fun to use lots of different shades together in the same room (5 or 6 is fine)

blue_by_Palmer_Weiss-resized-6001.  Here is an example of a room by Palmer Weiss that uses dark blue paint on the walls and a large dark blue sectional too.  In order to not make the room too heavy looking he added light colored pillows, a light carpet and an acrylic coffee table.  The room gets plenty of light so it can handle all that dark blue and would be nice and cozy at night.

blue_shades-resized-6002.  This room uses many different shades of blue quite effectively.  Notice that they mixed light and dark and various tones so it doesn’t look heavy or overly blue.  The dining chairs in yellow add a touch of punch.

blue_&_white-resized-6003. Decorating with a blue and white color scheme is very popular and always has a fresh clean look.

blue_island-resized-6004.  Here is blue and white room with a twist. If blue is your favorite color it doesn’t have to be relegated to just the walls and furniture – go bold and paint your island!  I think I would have painted the gray part of the hood blue too.

blue_pendants_&_cove_ltg_by_chris_johnson-resized-6005.  Be creative and use your blue in unexpected places like these pendant lights and the cove lighting above in a room designed by Chris Johnson.

blue_walls_by_Jacobs_Design,_Inc-resized-6005.  Here is a sweet bedroom using blue and white by Jacobs Designs, Inc.  I love the silhouette of the headboards against the rich blue walls.

blues1_-_Cat_Alford-resized-6006.  Cat Alford designed this room with a more teal shade of blue and repeated the color in the pillows to balance the room.

blues-resized-6007.  Here is sampling of all the shades of blue available so pick the ones you love and integrate them into your home.  Sorry, I don’t know which manufacturer this is but if you go to your local paint store you will find lots of beautiful blues to choose from.