Have you secretly wanted to write on the walls ever since you were a little kid?  Here’s your chance.  There are many ways to be creative with your writing from stencils to freehand.  You can do a quotation or write an inspiration, or just do something playful.  Follow your heart and do whatever it leads you to.

words_3-resized-6001.  Big bold letters let you know this is a library – no doubt about it.  There are many sources for appliqués and they come in lots of different font styles and sizes.

words_on_wall_hanging_&_pillows-resized-6002.  Here the panels with writing are placed on both sides of the art to subtly frame it but there is no doubt that this person loves you!  It looks like these were just scanned and printed on canvas. The pillows repeat the theme which creates an interesting texture.

words_on_wall_art_&_pillows-resized-6003.  In this picture the words are mounted on a board or canvas again but the background is  black to match the chalk board wall but some other pieces are framed with white backgrounds.  Notice that there is also writing on the chalkboard referencing the art work and words on the pillows too.

words_2-resized-6004.  In a girl’s pink room there is still a place to write on the wall which animates the whole room.  As she grows the messages my change – but that is easily done.

words-resized-6005.  If you go more for the subtle effect,  this text is soft is interesting because it has different size and styles of fonts.  This could be wallpaper or you could create your own.

words_on_step-resized-6006.  A simple stenciled riser on the step says it all.  It’s more interesting than yellow tape – don’t you agree?

words_4-resized-6007.  Want another way to use the stair risers?  Here is a way to drill into the heads of the family what your values are without having to say them out loud all the time.  It subliminal but it works.

Are you inspired to write on your own walls now?