It’s hard to believe but Thanksgiving is almost upon us.  It always sneaks up so fast after Halloween!

Thanksgiving is not just a time to over eat all the wonderful food celebrating the harvest but also a time to reflect on all the things and people in our lives that we are thankful for.  We should also do what we can to thelp those less fortunate.

Hipmunk_Hotel-resized-6001.  Surround yourself with family and friends to celebrate this great America holiday.  Photo via Hipmunk. com 

styleathome-resized-6002.  This simple rustic table setting is perfect for Thanksgiving – it’s simple but represents the season so well.  The quiet color scheme lets the people be the center of attention.  Photo

table-resized-6003.  What a bountiful feast this dessert table presents.  I love the little bird nests and pine cones.  I love dessert so I’d be sure to be there.

barefootfloor-resized-6004.  What a great idea to make a bread cornucopia and have fruits and grains tumbling out!  Photo via


5.  Of course a bountiful basket is also a great Thanksgiving decoration.  This one has fruits, veggies and grains.   Photo via

6.  Setting individual place settings for Thanksgiving can be simple or elaborate.  This one made with mini pumpkins is just right.

skimbacolifestyle-resized-6007.  For a simple modern Thanksgiving table setting use plenty of orange and keep the centerpiece low.  Photo via

livewell360-resized-6008.  This linear tablescape has random groups of candles tied together with grapes, gourds and wheat sheafs. The use of wooden plates seems so appropriate too.  Photo

tauntr-resized-6009.  Here is an updated version of the famous painting by Norman Rockwell.  Let us celebrate our diversity.  Photo via


10.  May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving and remember to be extremely grateful for the life you live and do something nice for those less fortunate!